Vaccinated Strike Out COVID Circle Stickers

Vaccinated Strike Out COVID Circle Stickers

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Minimum order 25.

Available in 2.25 Circle button

  • Premium paper stock includes matte and glossy surfaces
  • Bend and peel backing on individual cut-to-size stickers
  • Any design can be used on the stickers

Order of 25-199 units= Only one design per order 

If ordering 200-2999 units you can request two designs (if desired) in your order. For example, this sticker plus another design on this website.

3000 units= can order three designs (if desired) or just one

4000 units= four designs (if desired)

5000 units= 5 designs (if desired)

10,000 units= 5 designs (if desired)

50,000 units= 10 designs (if desired) 

Please email for these special orders.