Vacunado, Vaccinated 2" Rectangle Sticker

Vacunado, Vaccinated 2" Rectangle Sticker

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 Minimum order 25

Design is also available in 2.25" Circle Button pins if requested.

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Order of 25-1999 units= Only one design per order 

If ordering 2000 units= Request two designs (if desired) in your order for the same price. For example, this design plus another design on this website can be used toward the 2000 units with no price change.

3000 units= three designs (if desired) or just one design

4000 units= four designs (if desired)

5000 units= 5 designs (if desired)

10,000 units= 5 designs (if desired)

50,000 units= 10 designs (if desired) 

Please email for these special orders.