Vaccination stickers for children

85+ Children's Campaign

Stickers, Buttons and Coloring pages for our youngest grassroot vaccination enthusiasts. These products can be used for all immunizations (COVID-19, Influenza, MMR, HepB, VAR, HPV, and other vaccinations).

Be among the first to offer cute, unique stickers to children under 5 now that the COVID vaccine is approved. Our products are awesome for 5 year olds and older too! Check out our unique African American, Latinx and Native American ethnic designs. Only available here.

Our Products:

  • Allow community residents to show their vaccination status with pride.
  • Encourage open dialogue when the vaccination status is visible.
  • Each person who wears a sticker/button has the potential to become a positive grassroot vaccine influencer.
  • Make vaccinations visible within underserved communities.
  • Reflect culture and self identity
  • Convey that your company recognizes people as individuals, and respect their culture. Build trust.
  • Promote your organization
  • Most of our products can be customized to include a company name, logo or website. Promote your message on the backside of our bookmarks.